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American Cavalry and Infantry style Helmets (1919-1945), a guest post by Mr Larry Munnikhuysen III, a director at the Virginia War Museum.

No wonder she asked. Cathy Leddy had asked if I would ride. I looked around at some other sports for inspiration. Admittedly, motorcycle helmets have more acreage and a cultural link to the airbrus.

I always appreciate the inclusion of a well-placed helmet lock, and the Z900RS has one. And, of course, I always wonder why the motorcycle industry hasn’t figured out a better way to house front br.

Sleazy rider! Semi-naked couple are caught having sex on the back of a moving motorcycle Young semi-naked couple were recorded having sex on the back of a motorbike

Salinas >> A fatal accident that claimed the lives of two Spanish motorcycle racers in Sunday’s last race of the day at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca has been “deemed. “When these racers put on their h.

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You have to wonder if A&E was hoping for something a little livelier when it signed up to have Bob Saget film his experience as an aspiring initiate to a motorcycle club. riding along in a sidecar,

MADRID — New York-based Visit Films has acquired world sales rights outside. biker gang while trying to win Clara back. “Helmet Heads” was born from Neto’s “deep connection” with the motorcycle mes.

Should you ever feel compelled to ride a motorcycle, it could always double as a helmet,’ he jokes. unintelligent and unremarkable that Britain’s new reduced place in the world was not a surprise b.

Meet. SS-Hauptsturmfuhrer Hans-Jörg Hartmann. III Batl. "Nordland" regiment 5th SS division "Wiking. This is a photo-essay based on a stack of Photo albums and documents from the estate of SS-Hauptsturmfuhrer Hans-Jörg Hartmann Born in Berlin-Licterfeld on October 21, 1913. The associated text is drawn from the captions of the photos as well as information in the documents.

A 20-year-old Wonder Lake motorcyclist. As the Buick turned, the motorcycle collided with the Buick, ejecting the driver from the motorcycle. The driver of the motorcycle was wearing his helmet at.

Regarding the April 25 Under the Dome item “Motorcycle. helmet is not that big of a help.” Since the data shows that the use of helmets reduces head injury by 69 percent, then Speciale will allow e.

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These were victims of motorcycle accidents. I do not think that helmet-wearing was punitive. It is the practice elsewhere.

Motorcycle Helmet Standards Explained: DOT, ECE 22.05 & Snell.

A 20-year-old Wonder Lake motorcyclist. As the Buick turned, the motorcycle collided with the Buick, ejecting the driver from the motorcycle. The driver of the motorcycle was wearing his helmet at.

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Full face helmets provide the maximum amount of protection for your noggin when riding a motorcycle. It’s no wonder that track day enthusiasts and professional racers only use full face helmets. These are the best full face motorcycle helmets for use when commuting to work, touring in the country.

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Best Motorcycles Of The 70s At the same time, the nation’s top-rated prime-time television show was wrapping up. and by last fall she faced 47 lawsuit. Frank Melling takes a look back at vintage motorcycles

A Wonder Lake man was in critical condition Saturday after he was ejected from the motorcycle he was driving when it collided with a Buick, authorities said. The motorcyclist, a 20-year-old man, was w.

From a purely marketing point of view, I did wonder why an American company (Victory) would want to take on an another American company – and established giant – (Harley) at the premium end of the cruiser market with a vee twin engined bike.

The new Honda Monkey Bike has ABS, LED lighting and a 150% engine capacity increase to 125cc, but you will also pay a hefty ride-away price of $5999. The figures don’t stack up when you consider the 125cc Honda Grom costs only $3999 (+ORC) and most 300cc bikes are around the same price as the new Monkey Bike.

A Honda Rebel 250cc Beginner Motorcycle Review – a review of a great and unintimidating beginner cruiser for new motorcycle riders.

Nexx XR1R Carbon Motorcycle Helmet Review How do you make a good helmet btter? Easy: use that miracle of modern science, carbon fiber! The original version of the Nexx XR1R was one of the lightest full-face helmets

Shaped by millenniums of wind and water, this vast geological museum, 3,000 square miles of wildly varied topography, rivals the wonders of the Grand Canyon. Much of Death Valley has been. truck —.

HJC CL-17 Punisher Helmet. The HJC CL-17 Helmet hits the same safety ratings as the big boys yet comes in at hundreds less. This is a helmet designed to keep you cool.

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Talking shop with Patricia Fernandez, titleholder of World’s Fastest Female Roadracer Since her. Having never gone 200 mph.

Model and actress Gal Gadot is set to play the coveted role of Wonder Woman in. hair-flip-while-taking-off-a-helmet move. In a scene from the movie, her character does exactly that after making an.

Suomy began as a project of Vigano Accessori, an old-school Italian motorcycle accessories manufacturer that expanded its product range to include helmets in 1997. Its endeavor began in the dirt with.

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The 5-foot-3 18-year-old has put herself in position to become the most successful female in the history of motorcycle road racing. but there’s still a lot missing that makes me wonder if this is a.

Moser, who had the Harley-Davidson motorcycle only for a week, was traveling with a group of other motorcyclists who witnessed the crash and reported it to police. The police report did not indicate w.

Frank Melling takes a look back at vintage motorcycles both good and bad, remembering the warts and all. Anything that makes a bike a memorable motorcycle.

Bizarre $7,000 Elio ‘autocycle’ goes on sale Can a three wheeled motorcycle beat Tesla? Bizarre $7,000 Elio ‘autocycle’ goes on sale Seats two passengers and goes 0 to 60 mph in 9.6 seconds